Frequently Asked Questions


How do I set up my Omron Fitness Profile when I first connect?

Before you connect your pedometer you will need to install the driver software and link your account. During your initial signup process you will be prompted to create your account, download the driver, and then link the driver to your account. If you haven’t completed this step click “Download Driver” above and please follow the instructions.


How do I manually enter data?

When viewing your fitness summary, click the Edit Button and you will be prompted with a calendar. Then simply click the day you were active and enter in the data for that day.

How do I earn badges through Omron Fitness?

As you continue to connect to your Omron Fitness Dashboard, you’ll be rewarded with badges. Badges are earned for a wide variety of accomplishments including number of times you connect, breaking new records, accomplishing new goals and more!

Why is there an asterisk when I view certain dates on my Dashboard?

Asterisks appear on days you have manually entered data. If you have forgotten to connect your product after an activity, you may go back and enter that information as directed above.

How do I adjust a fitness goal on Omron Fitness?

You can change your goals as your fitness improves. On your Dashboard, click the Edit Button in your Goals Section to adjust your goals for steps, calories or distance.


Can I use more than one connected product on the Omron Fitness Dashboard?

Yes! Your Dashboard is set up to accommodate use of more than one connectable product. The only exception is the use of two connectable pedometers at once.

What products can I currently connect with with my Omron Fitness Dashboard?

Currently the following Omron Fitness products connect to the Omron Fitness Dashboard: • HR-500U • HJ-322U • HJ-323U • HJ-324U • HJ-720FFP • HJ-720ITC

Can I connect my product to multiple computers?

Yes. As long as you have the driver downloaded to a computer, you can connect your product and access your Omron Fitness Dashboard information.

Can I connect my pedometer and my heart rate monitor to the same account?

Yes. As long as you have the latest driver downloaded to a computer, you can connect your pedometer and heart rate monitor and access your Omron Fitness Dashboard information. Make sure you uninstall any previous versions of the client prior to installing the new client that supports the heart rate monitor


How do I find my friends or other Omron Fitness users to link up with?

Upon your first connection with the Omron Fitness Dashboard, you’ll be prompted to link with other users through email, Facebook or Twitter. Simply choose the contacts, friends, or followers you’d like to connect with and your information will be shared.

How can I share my fitness victories on my Omron Fitness Dashboard?

Once you’ve earned a badge or finished a goal, you will automatically be prompted to share this accomplishments with your network. Simply select the Facebook or Twitter icon to publish the current view of your Dashboard to your profile.


Where will my fitness data be stored after I connect my device?

Once you connect, your activity information will be downloaded off of your Omron Fitness product and stored privately under your online profile. This information then displays on your Dashboard

Who can view my Dashboard information?

You can keep your Dashboard information private from other users by changing your privacy preferences on your account page. If you allow other users viewing access, they will only be able to see that you have a profile, as well as your last connected information and your personal bests.

How do I keep my Dashboard information private?

You can adjust your privacy preferences by going to your Profile Page, scrolling to your settings section and selecting “Keep my profile private from other users.”

How do I connect my Omron Fitness Profile to partner applications?

Click on your Profile Page and scroll down to the application section. Then if you have an account set up with a partner Application you can select to link or unlink. Information from your Dashboard will be pushed to RunKeeper, EarndIt and Withings automatically, while you can control what information you’d like to send to Twitter or Facebook.

How do I delete my Omron Fitness account?

All users have the ability to delete their profile at any time. You may choose to delete your account by visiting your Profile Page and select “Delete Account.” Please note that once you delete your Omron Fitness account, you will lose any saved fitness data associated with your products.



What version of Windows can I use?

The Windows drivers support anything newer than Windows XP

What version of OSX does the Mac version of the driver support?

The driver has been designed to work with OSX 10.7 (Lion) or newer.


What if my question or problem isn’t listed in this FAQs page?

We’d love to help you with any questions not answered in this section. If you have a question that is not addressed on this page please Contact Us and submit a question.