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Watch Your Steps

Every step you take is a step toward a healthier, fitter you. Track your progress with Omron.


Track Your Progress

By connecting compatible products, your Omron Fitness Dashboard charts your progress while you set new goals and beat personal bests.


Reach Your Goals

From pedometers to heart rate monitors, Omron products move with you, giving you accurate readings to help you reach new fitness benchmarks.

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Get on Track

Get moving and connect your products with your Omron Fitness Dashboard. Track steps, calories and distance to stay on target with your health goals.


Stay Motivated

See how to set goals and accomplish them one step at a time. You’ll be alerted when you surpass your personal bests!


Share Your Victories

Whether today was a personal best or an especially tough fitness breakthrough, share your progress and achievements with family and friends.

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Products Fit for You

Whether you’re looking to increase your daily steps or spend more time in your optimal heart rate zone, Omron has the right products to assist you in meeting your goals.


Accuracy To Count On

With our accurate sensor technology, Omron products track your activity from your pocket, wrist or bag as you move through your day or workout routine. Make sure your hard work is accurately counted and never goes unnoticed.


Connected Products

Find products that connect with your Dashboard to chart your stats for ongoing monitoring of your fitness trends.

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How do I get an OmronFitness account?
Click Sign Up and follow the steps to create your free account.
How do I set up my Omron Fitness Profile when I first connect?
After your first activity with your product, connect via USB to your personal computer or laptop. Then visit OmronFitness.com and follow the prompts to create your own fitness profile.

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